Friday, March 14, 2014

Yukie for Beauty-Pati

I'm excited to finally tell you that I worked with a new site called
Beauty Patisserie

They are a upcoming beauty website presenting the latest make-up trends, beauty news,
skincare tips, 
and blogs by Japanese beauty experts!

Singapore could use a good doze of professional Japanese beauty advice.
And this is the site we've been waiting for!
Personally, I really have become a fan of this site.
They really do have an array of Japanese beauty products to introduce,
and their contents are well presented too.

Tobi-san, the lady who runs this site, has inspiring visions and insights.
I have become a fan of her too.

The best part is that they have Japanese beauty professionals as columnists on their website!
1. Mawaki Yamamoto  Popular Makeup Artist
2. Tatsuya Yumoto – Renowned Hair Maestro

And I had a wonderful opportunity to work with Mawaki-san for Beauty-Pati TV 
In the make-up tutorial video he shares his step by step tips on how he does his make-up for girls.
In the video his did 2 looks on me, both a 'Natural' and 'Gorgeous' look.
You may watch the video on their website!

Filming the video was nerve racking at first, because I'm actually really camera shy.
And neither do I have a sharp face or perfect skin..
I wish I was a better model for Mawaki-san, but he was extremely polite and professional.

Mawaki-san is well-known for his ability to enhance the natural beauty of women.
I have heard of him and got to know him before this video.
Go to his facebook page to see his portfolio!

Beauty-Pati has great giveaways!
And they are quality products too. That really makes the cherry on the top.
Even I'm tempted to participate.. Haha

Don't forget to follow Beauty-Pati on Facebook and Instagram
to stay updated on their activities and giveaways!

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