Wednesday, September 25, 2013

rosebullet Fashion Make-over Event

Hi guys!

Last weekend I was at an exciting event for rosebullet Singapore
as a guest blogger for a Fashion Make-over afternoon.

So you guys know I love fashion.. I think we all get that LOL
And a big part of me will always stay true to Japanese Fashion!

At this event I got to give girls a chance for a head-to-toe makeover
with rosebullet’s AW13 Fusion Collection.

rosebullet is a popular Japanese brand with a feminine chic style.
And this year’s AW concept is
「FUSION - French Chic」 

 Pretty right?
Very simple styling too.. I like it!

And here was my styling arrangement for the make-overs ↓↓

I brushed up on my Japanese fashion knowledge,
and studied some of the trends that are going on over there now!

And so my choices for styling where based on these 2 trends: 

Top’s with word prints and Skirts!

Apparently the “boyfriend look” ( 彼カジ) is trending again this season. 

Skirts have been around forever,
but there really seems to be a skirt craze going on in Japan! ↓↓

And so here is me in action on the day,
giving girls and some of my readers a fabulous make-over!

Hair was done by the amazing Cleo Hair Salon team!
And my hairstylist Hitomi-san was exceptionally amazing 

It was a pretty hectic day..
But it was crazy fun~~

Here’s Qiu Qiu doing make-up for her girls.

And here is my final work!!

Please tell me what you think >.<

Here’s Participant #1

I used the Logo Top trend but threw on a pair of pants
to go with this outfit instead!
Purple + blue + neutral colours, added with a splash of bright yellow
for her bag! You guys know I like to do that haha

These shoes make you envy don’t they?

Participant #2
Jia Jia

 Don’t you love the skirt she is wearing??
It’s the bottom half of the top I wore to this event HAHA

Jia Jia was so cheerful and adorable!
She has a flair for fashion as well!

Participant #3

A triangle monochrome top with a silver bag!
Mode chic

Pictures with Peishi and Qiu Qiu.

They where both so pretty in person!
And Qiu Qiu was tall.. Very TALL 

 More photos of my good friend Nabi-chan who came to support me,
and of course my J Diary crew!
What will I do without you guys 

And lastly with Mio-san and Nikki-san from Onward.
Thank you so much for having me!

Let’s continue to spread Japanese fashion to Singapore and the world!!

And I need your feedback guys!!
Go to rosebullet’s facebook page to vote for your favourite styled outfit!

Also, my followers/readers can get 10% off all regular priced items!!
Just quote “tokyomodeaddict’s instagram” when making your purchase.
Promotions are from now till 30th Sept! Terms and conditions apply.

You can find rosebullet outlets at:

Isetan Orchard Level 1
435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria
Singapore 238877


501 Orchard Road Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880

Or follow @rosebulletsg on Instagram!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Wear COLOUR This Summer - Outfit Today #27

I guess this sums up my

Blazer / アウター : Wonderloom

Top / トップ : Cecil McBee (Japanese Brand)

Leggings / レギンス : Wonderloom

Bag / バッグ : Haji Lane

Shoes / シューズ : Zara

Shades / サングラス : MDS

 My bag has die-cut patterns with gold foil inside 
It's super pretty and look real classy for just 37 bucks~ Haha

These shoes from Zara go with anything!
I just wish it was as comfortable..

And the pattern on these leggings are awesome no??!!

I am a lampost hugger~~

Thank you to my dear friend Ajir for taking these beautiful shots  

That's all guys~

Ciao lovelies!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Top 3 Favourite Snacks from Japan!

Hi homies~

This post is going to be little words and more photos..

(This can make you very hungry.. You've been warned)

I just love food!
And those who have been to Japan you have to admit,
they have awesome snacks!!!!
He's just 3 of my absolute favourite munchies from Nippon~

The first one is ↓↓ 

Tokyo Rusk is bread biscuits,
with sugared flavourings coated over it.
And its HEAVEN.

They have many different flavours,
but my favourite is Maple Syrup flavour o(>~<)o

This is their classic plain sugar~

A new flavour apparently!

This next one is eponge tokyo!

I love their branding design~ Lol

Looks damn good yeah?!!

Here's a few of their sponge cakes and other confectioneries~

Omg love thissss  ↓↓

And this last one is a old style Japanese rice craker.
My childhood snack too.. Hehe

This divine looking snack is a prawn cracker!!
Named Yukari 

Before they opened a shop at Takashimaya in Singapore,
my grandfather from Japan always buy them back for me
when they some to visit my family in Singapore!

This prawn cracker is CRAZY GOOD.
Not joking guys..

They sell different kinds of rice crackers too~

That's all guys!

Good night~~

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