Wednesday, July 24, 2013

J Diary Ep #6 - Japanese Craft (Part 2)

Part 2 is out fellas!!

And for this episode, Miyake-san and I made
Plastic Food Models

Like those you see displayed at Japanese restaurants!
They're always so beautiful~~ o(>~<)o

This kit is so cool right?
I was so amazed when I fist found the shop in Japan ↓↓

This series of Plastic Food Model making kit
can be found at a popular mall called Tokyo Solamachi
and it's actually the official shopping mall of Tokyo Sky Tree.

And this mall is AWESOME!!
I highly recommend you to shop here when you're in Japan!

This mall is HUGE..
Just imagine Vivo City in Singapore X5 or 6
They have so many varieties of shops
and some are really interesting I must say..
Nothing like any shops here in Singapore >.<

And that's right guys!
J Diary is giving away one of these precious
Plastic Food Model making kit!!

In the episode, we did a Pasta one ^w^
But this giveaway is a Soft Cream Parfait ♥♥

Watch the episode on instructions to participate in this giveaway~

behind the scenes photos!

This was such a fun experience and
the end product is really amazing 

A photo with Miyake-san!
Look at the face size difference.. Lol
In real life she's really half my face size >.<

Hello there you two.. What is so funny?

Hahaha my Azy Cakes and Fana at the back!

可愛いーーー  ↑↑

Ending off this post with a group photo~

This is how we roll on set of J Diary..

Hope you liked this episode (^w^)/


  1. AnonymousJuly 25, 2013

    Looks awesome! :D

  2. I don't have a google account! But can i still enter the giveaway???

  3. Waaaaah I want!!! Commented and l liked!!!!