Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Colourful Summer ☆


Blogging at midnight..
I'm writting this post with sleepy eyes so
please forgive me if I make spelling mistakes (which I often tend to)

As you might know I am on a
and so I've been adding dozes of bright colours
to my usual monotone outfits.

And I must say,

Bright and neon colours have been trending for
quite a while now even in Japan!

Here's some outfit of the day shots I shared
on my blog or instagram ^o^

私のカラフルな私服コーディネート ↓↓

Some people say I look like Ena Matsumoto..
I do not think so at all but still very flattered!! Haha

wearing colours can be done in many different styles.
But I am particularly fond of
Colour Blocking Style

Colour blocking style as you may tell from its name,
is simply adding colours to your look in chunks and blocks.

So for an example, as you can see in this photo below,
this lady added a one tone blue in her look!

More examples for you~

Love her style of layering  ↓↓

This girl spotted in Harajuki Japan layered pink on pink! Very daring!
They are around the same tone but just different texture.. Clever!!

Japan's model/tvpersonality/sweetheart, Rola-chan
shows a very nice flair for colour blocking as well!
But clearly she's a lover of blue and bright yellow ^w^

Mina Nagamine, the designer of one of my favourite brand
also goes for this style this spring summer!
But her favourite colours seems to be blue and red~

I know I'm kinda slow but..
I think I've got a thing for Neon Yellow now!!!!! Hahaha

When it first started to trend I was like..
"Why would anyone wear such a bombastic and hipster colour???"

That's all~

Good night peeps!

Photos from,,

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

J Diary Ep #6 - Japanese Craft (Part 2)

Part 2 is out fellas!!

And for this episode, Miyake-san and I made
Plastic Food Models

Like those you see displayed at Japanese restaurants!
They're always so beautiful~~ o(>~<)o

This kit is so cool right?
I was so amazed when I fist found the shop in Japan ↓↓

This series of Plastic Food Model making kit
can be found at a popular mall called Tokyo Solamachi
and it's actually the official shopping mall of Tokyo Sky Tree.

And this mall is AWESOME!!
I highly recommend you to shop here when you're in Japan!

This mall is HUGE..
Just imagine Vivo City in Singapore X5 or 6
They have so many varieties of shops
and some are really interesting I must say..
Nothing like any shops here in Singapore >.<

And that's right guys!
J Diary is giving away one of these precious
Plastic Food Model making kit!!

In the episode, we did a Pasta one ^w^
But this giveaway is a Soft Cream Parfait ♥♥

Watch the episode on instructions to participate in this giveaway~

behind the scenes photos!

This was such a fun experience and
the end product is really amazing 

A photo with Miyake-san!
Look at the face size difference.. Lol
In real life she's really half my face size >.<

Hello there you two.. What is so funny?

Hahaha my Azy Cakes and Fana at the back!

可愛いーーー  ↑↑

Ending off this post with a group photo~

This is how we roll on set of J Diary..

Hope you liked this episode (^w^)/

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Eyelash Extensions at Graceous

Sponsored Post


Sorry for not updating regularly these few days!
Mad busy week >.<
At my 5th cup of coffee while writing this post.. Haha

Anyway, a week ago I got an email
from an eyelash extension salon called 
I was super happy they contacted me because
I had been very keen to try out eyelash extensions!!

So I went down for my first session a few days ago~
And let me tell you,

The photos above are all eyelash extensions!!
Not false lashes o(>~<)o
And for almost 2 years I had been relying on false eyelashes..
Now I'm wondering why I didn't try this out earlier =.=

Since this is my first time undergoing eyelash extension,
what I'm about to write from here is purely first impressions and observations!

First a brief intro.. This salon, Graceous,
is owned by a Japanese couple who just started their business this year.

And they do Japanese style Eyelash Extensions as well as Nails!
But according to the lady boss they do mainly eyelash extensions.

Not a very big salon but nice, quiet and cozy ^w^

So first the female owner Nao-san,
(who by the way is super pretty.. omg)
will brief you and help you in deciding what type of eyelash
shape, length, and curl you want!

As you can see from their menu here ↓↓

They offer a range of shapes and styles~
Think through and choose wisely okay?
Because the shape of your eyelashes can change
they way you look!

Personally I like a side heavy eyelash,
so I went for option E (^o^)/

OAO ?????!!!!
Looks at this ↓↓↓↓↓↓

And now here's to show you the difference!!
(No make-up)


And it looks so natural I couldn't stop staring at it in the mirror
when I got home.. Lol

Finally a photo with Nao-san~

Now, I know the big questions are..

Does it hurt when having it done?
How long does it last?

Well, when I was getting it done by Nao-san
it didn't hurt or itch at all!!
It's true..
Since this is my first time and I haven't been to
one with unskilled workers but,
I think Nao-san is good at what she is doing ^o^
And she has experience!

As for the lifeline of the lashes,
apparently it can last up to 3 weeks or a month!
Then you have to go down to the salon for
'touch ups' if you want to maintain it~

More photos ^w^

A close up shot for you..

Boyish pose.. HAHA

I know what you are thinking..

Isn't just buying false lashes cheaper?
Isn't it hard to maintain?

Let me give you TWO very good reasons..
It saves so much time and effort!!

I don't know how long you girls take to do your make up
but I can take a long time to get mine done =.=
And having to put mascara and trying to stick the eyelashes
properly is such a chore no??
On days when you don't want to put heavy make up
like going to work or school,
with eyelash extensions you can just put foundation and go!
And you still look pretty cause you'll have full volumized lashes!!

Another reason is..
Eyelash Extensions always stays curled up!!

You don't have to worry about your eyelashes falling down
and looking uncurled at the end of the day~

this is by far my most word heavy post.. Lol

After my session at Graceous
they even gave me some Japanese skin care products!!
So kind ^o^

Graceous is located at
9 Mohamed Sultan Road
#03-02 (Attic level)
Singapore 238959


or email

to book your appointment!

Click here to go to their website

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wear COLOUR This Summer - Outfit Today #24

Hi guys!
Late night post yo..

Here's my outfit shots from yesterday!


Top / トップ : H&M

Pants / ロングパンツ : (online)

Bag / バッグ : YSL

Shoes / シューズ : Topshop

Necklace / アクセサリー : Lovisa

If your read my blog or follow me on instagram,
you might know that I am on a
thing now..

So here's my dash of colour to my
usual monotone 
An off white oversized knitted top matched with
a fitting turquoise green pants!

What do you think?!

And I love love love this top I got at H&M 
It's actually grey with a cream white knit pattern over it!

And check out my only YSL bag ↓↓ Haha
Bought it second hand from a friend at a good price! 

And this is still one of my favourite necklaces!
You guys should totally check out Lovisa

That's all guys!

Now I need to bend my back and brace myself for
a super hectic week ahead!
School + Work + J Diary + Blogging
Not easy =.=
But I'm a survivor!!