Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Datsumo Labo Outlet at Tanjong Pagar

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Hi hi~
Did you know that Datsumo Labo has opened their
second outlet in Singapore?!

Datsumo Labo is a popular hair removal salon based in Japan 
that is famous for their "Full Body Hair Removal" Package.

And they are known for their low-cost, but effective treatments!

This new outlet is nice and cozy~

Lol I see a photo of myself on their wall..
And I am beside Qiu Qiu ♥ ♥ Hehe

So what they do is they will first help you shave all the hair of the area selected,
then they will apply this special gel all over,
and lastly use this laser light machine over the gel~
And this helps to weaken hair growth from the roots!!

So here his the location and information
about the new Tanjong Pagar outlet ↓↓

And here is Datsumo Labo's website

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

J Diary Ep #2 - Kawaii Nails

Hi there!!

J Diary episode 2 is up \(^o^)/

And the second episode is all about... ↓↓

Watch now!!

And here are some behind the scenes photos~

Look at the nails I got done!!
Super simple, chic and pretty no?!

So on this episode we fortunate to feature Ying, the nail artist
and the owner of her new upcoming salon

As you can see in the episode,
she does amazing work doesn't she?!!
Please support her~

These are some of the other places that
our guest Evonne mentioned ^w^

Check out their cool websites too~

I really hope you guys enjoyed episode 2!!
Let me know what you think ^o^

Friday, May 24, 2013

Outfit Today #21

Here's my outfit from yesterday!

Blazer / アウター : Heather (Japanese Brand)
White Dress / ドレス : Lowry's Farm (Japanese Brand)
Bag / バッグ : Stradivarius
Shoes / シューズ : M)phosis
Sunglasses / サングラス : H&M

I love this two shade denim cut blazer ♥♥
But technically its not mine ^_^''
It's my sister.. Haha
Lovely black strap heels from M)phosis~
End of post ^w^
See you!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tokyo Fashion Night at Club KYO

Hi hi~

If you follow me on instagram,
you might know that I went to an event called
"Tokyo Fashion Night" recently!

This event was brought together by Japanese modeling agency,
BARK in STYLe and JRunway!
It was a party where Japanese fashion and young culture contents
gathered to create a fashion community.
A photo of me with tall and beautiful Golly Locks ↓↓
Her coordinate is so nice!! o(>~<)o
Especially the socks with those heels~~

True EMODA style ☆
Guest DJs all the way from Japan!

First male model to walk the runway,
Japanese model TAKU
And guess who came to Tokyo Fashion Night as well!!
Sofia Wakabayashi from Asia's Next Top Model~ OAO

Look at my Acey Cakey in action ↑↑
The models where so tall (esp Sofia) I thought their heads were
going to hit the ceiling.. LOL
And sharing with you my top 3 favourite outfits among the
JStar contestants~
Don't they look good?
Now PARTY time~~
With J Diary's crew members ↓↓
Me being squished in between two hot Japanese male models..
Best day of my life!! Hahahaha
And YAY I got a photo with Sofia Wakabayashi!! \(^o^)/
Got to meet Sae-san again~

Lovely and pretty person as always ♥

With the Kizuki + Lim team ^w^
Haha they were all so friendly and funny too~

That is all!

See you~

Friday, May 17, 2013

J Diary Ep #1 - Japanese Pastries

Finally o(>~<)o

The new network channel that I am producing with HelloAsia

And episode 1 was about..

Here here watch the episode ↓↓

Did you like it??
Omg I'm so nervous today since I uploaded the video
you have no idea.....

I had one of my best ever most kawaii loving friend
join me for episode 1~
Wasn't she cute?

I love her energy..
One of the reasons why I love hanging out with her ^o^
So did you like the 3 pastries we introduced??
The first one was
Black Sesame Goma Bread

This one was yummy I am not kidding!!
But it's more of a snack or dessert I'd say..
Not something you'd have for breakfast ^_^
Here's the location of the bakery incase you missed it ↓↓

Second one was
Mochi Mochi Bread

I wouldn't think this bread is uncommon to the Japanese,
but I'm sure its a unique treat for you Singaporeans out there!!
Location of store~

This final one I'm sure once you try you'll fall in love!!
Tofu Cheesecake ^o^

You HAVE to try this I swear!!!!
It's really really really good~~~~~
Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Café is a really good restaurant!
Their Japanese set lunched are great (^o^)b

A lot of Japanese bakeries are in Orchard!
There are still more like DonQ at Takashimaya, Maison Kayser at Wheelock etc..
episode 2 is going to be an exciting one too!!
Its about Japanese style nail art and
J Diary even filmed
a live demo!!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BIG NEWS: New Network Channel Coming!


お知らせがあります ☆☆
Hello everyone!
 I have news!! Hahaha..
For a long time I have been working on a
Japanese network channel with HelloAisa
and I am excited to let you know that,
It will be starting this coming May 17th evening!!
Please support~~
Thank you!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shibuya Girls Runway Stage Report

先週、Clark Quay で
「Shibuya Girls Runway」
のファッションショーに行ってきました ☆

 中学からの友達、チェリーちゃんと ↑↑
 Last week, I attended the
Shibuya Girls Runway fashion show
at Clark Quay!!
Brought to you by Onward Singapore.
Shibuya Girls Runway is a collaborative fashion show
by 3 Japanese brands:
Rose Bullet, Dip Drops and Love Boat

 When my friends and I finally settled into our seats,
a tall TALL pink woman came walking out...
オカマだと気づいた!!  笑
Starred at her for a while & realized she/he was a drag queen O.o
Am I supposed to refer to a drag queen as a she or he?? LOL
She had like pink unicorn-ish hair & rainbow coloured fluffs on her dress.. Haha
But we found out later,
that she is the emcee of the event!!
なんとその人はイベントの司会者だった ^_^''
My friend Charice and I taking a few picture before
the show starts~

Catalogues & vouchers from the Onward ↓↓
The fashion show is starting!! o(>~<)o
Start by watching this video of the highlights of the show~~~!!!

Put together by my awesome sista, Acey Cakey ☆☆
(Contact me if you would like to acquire her for work)

Some snap shots ↓↓

(Pictures by Street 1000 by ヤクシ)
My favourite was the line by "Love Boat"

After that we went to the after party at club Cassis~
クラブ Cassis で二次会 ↓↓

Me with Sae-san (left), and Keiko-san (right)
Sae-san is a part time model, and if I heard her correctly
she use to work for Mark Styler in Japan OAO
I was like woooaaahhhh~~ So cool!!

Fun night out with my girlfriends (^o^)/
Coz we work together as well,
so it was a good night to chill out ♥♥
Runway shots by Kunihiro Yakushi,
Noriaki Tsuchiya