Saturday, February 9, 2013

Introducing Amiaya & Jouetie

 Hi guys~
Its been a while since my last post ^w^
Today I will be introducing to you another popular Japanese Fashion brand,
Jouetie is a young, street style inspired casual brand.
Their style is very distinctive,
its represents a fun, rough, rocker-chic kinda girl~ ^o^
And the designers of this brand is one of the cutest combination ever!
Joutie is produced by two sisters,
Ami and Aya,
and so they call themselves
Aren't they cute?
And why is it that in Japan even the designers are pretty O_O
Unfairness.. TT__TT
Here's a video from one of their fashion shows ↓↓
Here are some pictures from of their clothing brand~

Quite nice right??
This is not my kind of fashion but the styling is super nice!!
Jouetie at Touch Me Collection ↓↓
Their previous Autumn Winter Collection~

And just to share ^w^
The Amiaya sisters are so popular now,
they released a music single.
Their hair in the music video is so cool!
Pictures from


  1. Epic music video. loves the hair

  2. i like this brand!!! thank u for introducing ^-^

  3. I like this one :D Post more!