Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tokyo Disneysea

 Hey guys!
So here's another follow up on my trip to Japan last year december~
Like I said,
I will be sharing my photos in themes and places
so today's post is about my trip to Tokyo Disneysea!!
 My favourite part of Disneysea is this Mediterranean Harbor
themed at the entrance of the park o(>~<)o
Sooo stunning~

Care to guess what this crazy que is heading? ↓↓
It's the que for the new Toy Story ride =.=
And its MAD
I lined up for 2 over hours to get on the ride..
But it was really cute and fun ^o^
I manage to enjoy myself but I'm not sure if the waiting is worth it..
More pretty pictures of Toy Story land~
So well done (^o^)b

My sister and a close family friend ↓↓
I usually try not to post pictures of my family and family friends,
but this picture below is too cute!! ^w^
The ride requires us to wear 3D glasses ^_^
And here's a picture of me and Nagisa making funny faces..
And this is how the ride looks like!!
Adorable right?? ↓↓
After the Toy Story ride we moved on to other attractions
and on the way, Mickey Mouse Churros!!
Too cute,
just too cute

Although my pictures look bright and warm,
it must say
The cold wind was crazy.. I almost froze =.=

Dinner at Tokyo Disneysea was simple and great too!
And check this out!!
Mickey Mouse eggs!!!!! OAO
How on earth did they do that?? O_O
As usual I had a great time ^_^
Apart from the running nose, cough, soar throat and droopy eyes from my cold
I was doing alright.. Hahaha
Hope you liked this post!
Keep reading for more ^o^
All pictures taken by Yukie


  1. I have been wanting to go to Tokyo Disney for so long.. just for the foods! ;____; Looks so good...

    1. Haha!! I've been there a million times but I go there just for the food too~

  2. いいなー私も行きたい!><

  3. The mickey eggs are too cute!!! I want some haha

  4. The scenery are beautiful!
    This is what creates the magic of a park, and immerses the visitor into another world.

    1. Omg thats exactly what I feel when I go to disneyland!!