Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tokyo Cafes (Part 2)

Here's Part 2! (^o^)/
When I was visiting the new shopping center, Tokyo Solamachi
the official mall of Tokyo Sky Tree,
right by the entrance I saw this!! ↓↓
My first reaction was..
I didn't know Samantha Thavasa had a sweets chain O_O

For those who don't know the brand Samantha Thavasa,
well, they are a branded Japanese handbag line ^_^
But their brand has gone wayyy beyond Japan now..
Samantha Thavasa spends big bucks on hollywood celebrity endorsements
like Taylor Momsen, Miranda Kerr, Penelope Cruz
and even Beyonce and Solange Knowles!
They have oulets all over the world..

so Sweets Samantha Thavasa is a confectionary line
and a dessert cafe~

 (Images above from Samantha Thavasa)

I have to say they look pretty ↑↑
And they have fully embraced the style of the brand in their food as well..

I bought their chocolates guys~~ Haha

And gosh..
I simply adore their paper bags ♥♥

Ok time for the next cafe~

This is a cafe I visited in Shibuya by chance!!

Wired cafe has a really nice concept,
and a stylish, rustic interior design~

And the best part was THE FOOD!!
I went there to eat with my mom, sis and cousin
and everything we ordered tasted great ^o^
Since I found the Menu on the internet in high resolution,
I'm gonna show it to you guys! Hehe

(Images above from Wired Cafe)

You hungry now?

Here are the ones that I took ^w^

These wedges are by far the best I've ever ate!!
I swear..
It was deep fried wedges in a sweet chili sauce i think,
and topped off with a generous serving of mayo~~~~

I had pasta ^o^
And its the first time I saw pasta served with a whole bread.
Its like carbo on carbo =.=
Oh well, the bread tasted good too so..

Please excuse my messy hair in that picture ↑↑ >.<
Here's a bonus!
After lunch my sister, counsin and I went to take neoprints~



See you guys again in my next post!
Will be posting more pictures of my trip to Japan~

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  1. Yes i am hungry O.o Hahaha!
    and both your sister and cousin are so cute!

  2. So .. sweet !
    Thanks for sharing your findings! ^ - ^

  3. i love yuri ebihara! and i want to try samantha thavasa sweets also ^3^

    1. Go try! It suprisingly nice ^o^

  4. the sweets are sooo kawaii!! i'll definitely visit them when i'm japan! hehehe

    1. Haha! Desho?
      You got a free trip to japan dayo ne!! When?

  5. Hi there,
    Love your blog~!!
    will be going to japan in April to see cherry blossom :D
    any idea where i can find cafes with nice latte art?
    Read on some articles that it has been a trend in japan for the last few years :)