Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tokyo Cafes (Part 1)

Hi there!
Some of you might know that I was in Japan last year december
during my year end holidays,
and so instead of posting my pictures of the entire trip in a single post
I decided to share my photos with you guys in themes ^w^
Starting with the cafes I visited in Tokyo!
This time I did a little research before doing to Japan
because I wanted to go to design-ish cafes~
One of the first cafes I went to was
100% Chocolate Cafe!
(Images above from Meiji 100% Chocolate Cafe)
Don't they look soooo tempting??
The concept of this cafe revolves around Typography!
Aka "font" as some of you might call it..
And I absolutely love it!!

I ordered some good hot chocolates

And here's the best part!
The highlight of this cafe is actually the chocolates they are selling!!
Get a load of this typography chocolates!!!!
So pretty o(>~<)o

The numbers on the packaging are not percentages of cocoa,
but the flavour of chocolate!
They had cool flavours like Lemon Salt, Wasanbon etc

Next cafe I'm going to show you guys (^o^)/

I bet you didn't know they existed.. Haha

(Images above from Muji)
Meal Muji is just a cafe that revolves around the same concept as Muji ^_^
And as simple as the food was,
they were good!

This was something like a pear and chocolate tart,
but it was absolutely delicious!! ↓↓

That's all for now!
Will upload part 2 soon with more cool Tokyo cafes to show you~



  1. I didn't know there was a MUJI cafe! That looks so yummmm !

    1. I didn't know either until I read about it in a book! Haha

  2. I think I took 3kg (6.6 pounds) just by reading your article ... T-T
    I don't like coffee, but I cannot live without chocolate!
    The decor is beautiful! The ceiling is achocolate bar, so cute!
    Can tell you where are the 100% Chocolate Cafe and MUJI Cafe, please?
    I'd love to try one day if I have the chance to visit Tokyo! :)

    1. 100% Chocolate Cafe can be found at a shopping center call "Tokyo Solamachi"
      And i think Meal Muji has a few oulets in Japan but the one I went to was at Yurakucho!

  3. love your photos , mind to let me know what model of camera are you using ? :)

    1. Samsung EX2F
      But its not the camera that's the trick~

  4. MUJI CAFE I WANT *__*