Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Get 10% off at Datsumo Labo

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That's right!
Get 10% off your hair removal treatment at Datsumo Labo from me!!!!
For those of you who don't know,
Datsumo Labo is a popular hair removal salon based in Japan

that is famous for their "Full Body Hair Removal" Package.

And they are known for their low-cost, but effective treatments!

I've been going for treatments for more than a month now..
And so far its great!
how can you get the discount?
Well its super simple!
 and leave a comment here on this post as well ^o^
It's that easy!
And I must say,
if you are looking for a permanent hair removal treatment..
Datsumo Labo is a good choice!
For many reasons!!
or to find out more about the salon,
Hope to see you there~ (^o^)/


  1. Cool! I want to do this :< Too bad its only in singapore...

  2. Me me! I want (:

  3. Hey Yuki, could you do a review on Hada Labo if you have used it before? (:

  4. I want this too! Thanks Yukie!