Wednesday, December 25, 2013

TMA Christmas Favourites

Hi loves! Merry Christmas!!
I hope you have planned something special with your loved ones this year.

This post came a little late but here's to share
with you come of my favourite holiday items.

I'm not paid to write this post so, here we go!

I love Jazz and Easy listening music.Especially in Christmas songs!
There's this CD I bought called "Cafe Christmas↑↑
and though I bought it last year in Tokyo, it's been my favourite till now.

And when I think of Christmas, I think of.. Chocolate!
(Actually for me it's always chocolate time lol)

I recently chanced upon this beautiful chocolate bar brand, Mast Brothers
at Jones the grocer located at Mandarin Gallery and Dempsey.
To be honest I fell in love with their range of package designs first.
But they do taste as good! 

Another Christmas favourite of mine this year would be this recipe book of Cream Puffs.
Ranging from sweet to savoury cream puffs!

My sister is baking a recipe from this book in the kitchen
as I am writing this post!
Will be sure to share some pictures on my Instagram.
If it turns out well (lol)

Favourite tea of this season!

Lupica English Caramel Tea. It's a Japanese brand.
And they opened a store this year in Singapore!
My mom and I were psyched when we found an outlet at Great World City.
Lovely tea house, do give it a try.

Pecan Cookies that go straight to my thighs ↑↑ 

My favourite accessory this holiday had got to be
this Daniel Wellington watch I received from them.
'Classic Cardiff Lady' design in Rosegold.

Click here to read the full review on this watches.

Revlon's Rose Velvet Matt Lipstick is the colour of this season for me!
I've been wearing it a lot. To school, casual dinners and all!
Its a softer version of a red lip.
Almost like a wine colour finish.

I like matt textures for my make-up,
but for those of you who wan't a little shine try ORBIS Lip Gloss.
It sits so well! I was impressed.

I've also been addicted to Ivoire Balmain's Body Lotion
and Missha's Choco Cacao Scrub!
I don't think these two products in particular becoming a lifelong companion of mine,
but it's definitely fun to use to have some excitement in your beauty routines.

Lovisa's necklace that I wore in my previous Christmas Oufit Post.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Sorry if I usually don't write much.
I'm a person of few words but I'd like to think that
I try to show them through my photos.

And finally, my second giveaway on my blog!

I'm giving away one Missha Choco Cacao Srub.
It's a fun scrub! Should try!

Follow these steps to enter:

1) Follow me on my Blog
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Please mention in your comment which platform you followed me on.

2) Leave a comment with your email address
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There will another secret prize for those who shared this post
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Do send me an email of a screenshot if you do though.

This giveaway is open until 12 January 2014.
And it's only applicable on this blog.

Good luck!
Merry Christmas again and have a blessed New Year.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas - Outfit Today #30

Christmas is around the corner!
And thought I should do a Christmas outfit post.

I'm actually wearing a black dress and a crop top over it from Indiesin.
Indiesin has a nice collection.
I buy most of my sunglasses from them.
You should visit their webstore or I'd recommend their physical stores!
(Far East Plaza #04-117 or Bugis Junction #03-12c)
I always prefer to visit stores for a better experience of the brand.

Top / トップ : Indiesin

Dress / ドレス : Zara

Bag / バッグ : Stradivarius

Necklace / アクセサリー : Lovisa

Shoes / シューズ : Dip Drops (Japanese Brand)

Make-up inspired by one of my favourite bloggers ever, Gary Pepper Girl 
I absolutely adore her! She's amazing.

I think I've worn these shoes out from Dip Drops so many times, I've lost count.
They are really gorgeously comfortable!
And I think I've posted one too many photos of it on my instagram.. Haha
Its so comfy, I bought my second pair in black.

All these gorgeous were photos taken by a dear friend Jonathan Liu.
Thanks so much!
I don't think I can go back to shooting my outfits in point and shoot cameras..

Merry Christmas everyone

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Black Box Dec Edition


Hi there.

For today’s post I would like to introduce to you,
Black Box

Black Box is a parcel, filled with samples of lifestyle products in Singapore.
Every edition comes with different samples for you to try them out before
deciding to buy what’s on the shelf in stores!
Quite useful right?

And... It’s FREE
That’s right, subscribing doesn’t cost a penny!
You get to receive this exclusive box right at your doorstep!
Quite a clever and purposive concept I must say.

After you have subscribe for your Black Box at
eligibility to receive Black Box is dependent on:
1. Balloting. Every Black Box subscriber will have 1 chance at balloting for each edition of Black Box.
(They will send an email notification when balloting starts for the next edition)
2. Or you can simply secure your Black Box by paying your own courier fee of $6!

Here’s what was in the December Edition of Black Box:
1) Nuxe Reve De Miel Hand and Nail Cream
2) VDL Lumilayer Primer and Perfecting Last Foundation (SPF 25, PA++)
3) Gatsby Ice Type Body Paper
4) Nivea For Men Multi Effect 8 Oil Control Volcanic Mud Foam
5) Darlie All Shiny White (Enamel Care)
6) Zappy 5-piece sampler pack
7) But, Becky Double Lifting Mask

My favourite pick out of this box was the Nuxe Hand and Nail Cream!
It had a very organic and consoling scent.
Personally I do appreciate simpler essences for my body products.

Apparently it contains Acacia honey that repairs cracks and nourishes skin.

VDL’s Primer and Foundation was pretty good too.

After trying it out I would think that their foundation is more
on the opaque side  but it covers up quite well.

This foundation contains amino acid and lipid complexes that
enhances adherence to the skin as well!

Zappy 5-piece sampler pack was interesting.
They have wipes for everything!

- Zappy Sun System Sunscreen Wipes 
- Zappy After Sports Wipes 
- Zappy Insect Repellent Wipes
- Zappy Boy Alcohol Wipes 
- Zappy Boy Antiseptic Wipes

It’s definitely handy when all these are in wipes!
Easier and neater to use.

I actually carried the After Sports Wipes along to one of my sessions at the gym and used it!
It’s important to wipe your sweat off after you’ve worked out people! 

And here’s me testing out But, Becky Double Lifting Mask.

Formulated for Asian skin, it has a unique double lifting mask.
You can’t see very well in this photo but, this mask extends all the way to cover my upper neck!
It’s lavender scented, quite nice.

However I did think that the mask was a little too big.. Haha
I don’t have a small face, and there was a little too much excess space
at the side so it doesn’t sit on my skin properly.

This is only the December Box I have reviewed for you!
Every edition comes with new themed products from make-up to healthcare products,
as well as exquisite shopping/spa/dining deals and discount vouchers.

You can subscribe to Black Box at
and key in “Yukie BB” in the referrer code column
to stand a chance to receive your very own FREE Black Box!

And join their Facebook for updates and exciting Giveaways on Fridays


ChicKissLove is offering 5% off on
with discount code: BBXCKLDEC13.
(Valid till 31 Jan‘14)

And they have a new pop up store and you can get 15% off
by showing this above voucher at the pop-up store!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Special — Daniel Wellington Watches

My favourite time of the year is here
☆ Christmas 

And Swedish watch brand Daniel Wellington is giving my readers a
15% discount off their watches this holiday!

The watch I have here is 'Classic Cardiff Lady' in Rosegold.
Kindly sent in by Louise from Daniel Wellington. Thank you!

Their watches are wonderfully simple and tasteful.
And looking at the comments on my Instagram post,
I think some of you are so psyched about this offer.

Check out their website to see all their designs here.

My new watch went brilliantly well with my outfit today.

If only I could throw on a nice winter coat and have a snowy back drop. Haha
Too bad its always summer in Singapore.

 Make your purchases at their website

And to get your 15% discount, simple key in this discount code.
This offer is only until Christmas! 

Leave me a comment or tag me on Instagram if you purchased their watches!
I would like to see them!

Happy holidays.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Getting In Shape!

It's almost december!
And somehow my schedule is full this Christmas..
With photoshoots and filmings! 
Can't complain though.

And so.. Let the diet begin!

12月いろんな撮影でスケジュールいっぱいだぁ! 汗

Organic bread ↑↑

I'm a food lover.
Unlike my younger sister who has been scrawny her whole life, I ate what I like.
Nothing stopped me..
Hey, we only have one life right?

So as of yesterday, I started going back to the gym and eat clean.

Today's lunch was Japanese vegetable soup and goma spinach.
This goma spinach is my mom's dish. Crazy healthy but satisfying! 

Anyone wants the recipe?

Still pumping green tea everyday.
I hope my skin will improve eventually!

I'm not a fitness/health expert,
but here's a few tips that i've been using:

1) Tea is a natural appetite suppressant
Tea carries an effect on your hormones, which activates the
sympathetic nervous system. Like reducing the desire for food.

2) Don't just eat vegetables, eat a balance/variety of vegetables!
My Japanese mom is all about eating a good range of vegetables,
and so is the same for many Japanese people!
Maybe it's one of their secrets to longevity.

Hope my diet goes well (lol)
Will share all of my methods if I manage to prove they work.

By the way!
I've started using Dayre
It's a mobile app for blogs!
So feel free to follow me there as well ^w^
I will keep this blog and Dayre synced!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Outfit Today #29

Cloudy day at Quayside Isle
wearing my new houndstooth jacket from JRunway.

Jacket / ジャケット : Attitude (Japanese Brand)

 Top / トップ : Mango

Pants / ロングパンツ : Calvin Klein

Bag / バッグ : (Taiwan)

Shoes / シューズ : (Taiwan)

Sunglasses / サングラス : H&M

It has been a while since I did a little shopping at JRunway.
And this fluffy houndstooth jacket I pulled out is so comfy!
I go to bed hugging it in my sleep.. Haha kidding

And you guys know I love colour blocking.
So I threw in a little mustard yellow and blue into the ensemble.

I just about wore these pair of shoes a billion times.. Lol

This weekend I had time to unwind a little.
I love this going to this place. Quayside Isle at Sentosa.
It makes be feel like I'm in New Zealand or something..

And I'm still in school, working on a final year project till graduation.
So I'm at the last lap of my marathon guys!
Wish me luck!

Have a good week ahead loves!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Outfit Today #28


Here's another outfit post!
I'm wearing a retro-blue suspender skirt from Dip Drops
and keeping it casual with some simple colour blocking.

Top / トップ : Cotton On

Skirt / スカート : Dip Drops (Japanese Brand)

Bag / バッグ : (Online)

Shoes / シューズ : Dip Drops (Japanese Brand)

Cap / カップ : Vivi Magazine

Bracelet / アクセサリー : (Present from a friend)

Omg I am absolutely in love with these heels from Dip Drops!
I took them out for a 'test drive' for an entire day,
and these kicks gave me no problems.
I think I can totally run a marathon in them. Lol

They come in other colours like black and beige.
I think these shoes are totally worth it guys!

An up-close shot of the skirt.
For you to see the glen check patterns on it!

I think this is my first time posting an outfit wearing a cap. Haha
I'm liking it!

Special thanks to Mio-san 

Dip Drops is a Japanese brand but they have stores in Singapore!
Isetan Orchards (Wisma Atria)
Sommerset 313 #03-09/10
Tampines 1 #01-22/24


Friday, November 1, 2013

Eyelash Extensions at Graceous

Sponsored Post
Hi ladies,
this week I went back to Graceous Salon
to get my Eyelashes retouched.

It was my third time getting my eyelashes done,
and this time Nao-san (owner) recommended me to have a little fun by
adding coloured lashes on the outer edges!

Sounds bizarre and tacky but,
it actually turned out subtle and kinda cool~

The salon had different colours, but I went for a purple-brown lashes.
(Hence the purple flower prop and make-up in my photos lol)

And for those who are new to Eyelash Extensions
let me ask you..

Which girl does not want long, fuller looking lashes??
Aren't you tired of putting on mascara??

I really must say the answer to that is
☆ Eyelash Extensions ☆

Sadly, most Asians aren't born with long curled lashes like Caucasians.
(Except Malays and Indians, their not fair.. Hahaha)
And so instead of having to apply Mascara every time you go out
I really recommend getting Eyelash Extensions!

They last for approximately 3 weeks and they look natural.
It's almost like having your mascara look on 24-7!!

To get your Eyelash Extensions,
I highly recommend this salon I go to

Bloggers like Yina Goh, Tricia of Vaingloriousyou are loyal customers of this salon!

Eyelash Extensions might sound scary,
but in professional and experienced hands it's really painless and safe.
And this salon has my two thumbs-up!!
Nao-san has skills. Period.
You are safe in her hands.

Graceous is run by a Japanese couple,
and they are pretty cost friendly I must say.

Even in Eyelash Extensions there are styles and choices you can make.

If you like what I have,
mine is the "C-curl Gorgeous" lashes!

Graceous is located at:
9 Mohamed Sultan Road
#03-02 (Attic level)
Singapore 238959

You can make your appointment:

Online here

 or Call

And follow their instagram account

Have a lovely weekend guys