Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Datsumo Labo Salon in Singapore

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Hi there!
Yesterday, I headed down to Datsumo Labo Salon
for my second hair removal treatment session~
What is Datsumo Labo?
Datsumo Labo is a popular hair removal salon based in Japan
that is famous for their "Full Body Hair Removal" Package.


But before I tell you about the details about their prices etc,
let me share with you my experience at Datsumo Labo so far!
So basically what they do is they will first help you shave all the hair of the area selected,
then they will apply this special gel all over,
and lastly use this laser light machine over the gel ↑↑
This proccess
weakens the regrowth of hair from the roots!!
Sounds cool right??

Applying the gel ↑↑
And apparently this gel helps to make skin smooth too!!

Removing the facial hair from my upper lip ↓↓

Girls, isn't the hair around your lips annoying?

The laser light thing ↓↓
And I swear its absolutely painless!!

So far from the two sessions I have went for,
I got the treatment done for my arms, hands/fingers and upper lips!
(The person in the pictures are me btw.. Haha)
At Datsumo Labo they offer these hair removal treatments
for almost all areas of the body!!
I'm sure all you girls are tired of shaving or tweezing time and time again but they grow back so fast =.=
Well Datsumo Labo is your answer!!

And I must say that the best part about Datsumo Labo is,
It's much cheaper than other hair removal salons in Singapore!!!!
 I am saying this for real..
Because I have signed up for hair removal treatments at other salons before..
And it cost me much more TT__TT

And unlike most salons,
Datsumo Labo allows you to pay monthly!!
Only $99 for a FULL BODY hair removal treatment!!
Full body includes whole back, neck, arms, legs, chest, underarms etc..
The list is really quite long.. I was quite suprised~
And its a treatment so its not only once,
you have a few sessions for each area.

A thousands dollars for 6 sessions might sound pricey
but a similar treatment cost me two times more at another place =.=
Shan't say where..
Also ↓↓
I rate the service at Datsu Labo 10 out 10
The staff there are all so polite and well trained ^o^
With Datsumo Labo staff, Kaori-san ↓↓
And Mardhieyah-san ↓↓

Will update you guys on how the treatment goes (^o^)/
See you~
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  1. Can we have Datsumo Labo here in the Philippines? Let me know about how the treatment goes.


    1. Haha maybe someday they will go to there as well!
      Will do~ ^o^

  2. Looks great! Might try >_<

  3. God, I wish I had gotten to your blog faster!! I'm glad that you checked mine out, I feel honored! You're such a great blogger I don't get how you even found mine! Totally going to follow you<3

    Wish I could swing by Singapore for this, so nice!

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