Monday, August 20, 2012

Touch Me Collection AW 2012 Stage Report

Hello my readers~

Wow its been 2 whole weeks since I last updated O.O
I'm terribly sorry!! >.<
You don't want to know what a crazy 2 weeks it has been in school.. =.=

Anyway, let's get started on today's topic shall we!!

That's right!
I've finally gathered the pictures for the Touch Me Collection fashion show 2012 Autumn Winter \(^o^)/

And I must say, they are looking so fabulous!!

Staring off with one of my favourite brand,

Here's a video of the runway show ↓↓
I've given you the youtube video for the rest of the brands I'm about to show you as well.

I thought 「Laguna Moon」 did a beautiful job ^_^

Neat and clean but still fun.

This next brand is

I  must say they surprised me because this season's collection
is quite different from the usual style they go for..
But nevertheless it looks great!!

Another one of my favourite brand,

The collection looks SOOOOO NICE!!
The concept is「American Traditional」according to them..

I see alot of brown in this show..

Next is

Funky.. Right?

Loving the patterns and prints~

And my absolute favourite collection from this show was

It's breathtaking!!
You ready?


Just amazing right??
I was SOOO blown away O.O

The concept is「Jewelry Box」
Genius.. Simply genius..

Below are two other other brands

「Mecury Duo」 


Omg I need to do some shopping soon~
My wallet is aching already.. Lol TT__TT

Hope you liked this post!!
See you~

Pictures from

Monday, August 6, 2012

Outfit Today #9




Top / トップ : Zara Fall Collection

Shorts / ショートパンツ : Bugis Street 

Flower Lace Tights / タイツ : Topshop

Shoes / シューズ : New Look

Shades / サングラス : Vanquish (Japanese Brand)

Okay, I know in some pictures I don't look like I'm wearing anything
underneath my shirt but I'm wearing shorts inside!! >.<

Lovin' my tights & shoes ↓↓

In this shot you can see my shorts ↑↑  Hahaha

Off to start my school work now~

Wish me luck!! (^o^)/