Thursday, July 26, 2012

Introducing Liz Lisa & Liz Lisa 2012 Spring Summer Collection

Today I'm introducing to you a very popular and famous Japanese brand,
Liz Lisa

When I said very popular, I mean VERY VERY EXTREMELY POPULAR!!

I don't think there is a Japanese girl who doesn't know of a brand like Liz Lisa >.<
This brand is well-loved by young locals,
and Liz Lisa is almost like a franchise now!!
This brand has branched out and created many sister brands
like Juge Ettan, Liz Lisa Doll, Tra La La and more!!

Liz Lisa store ↓↓

Below is one of my favourite Liz Lisa fashion shows~

Liz Lisa 2011 Spring Summer at Japan Fashion Week

If you guys know asia's blogsphere well, you probably know who Xiaxue and Cheesie is ^o^

And I am so proud to say that both Xiaxue and Cheesie are HUGE fans of Liz Lisa!!
Ok, maybe for Cheesie not so much anymore..
I know she is after Japanese mode fashion now~ (^w^)b

Liz Lisa is truely unique and loyal to their direction and style,
which is like a sweet, girly and cute french inspired Japanese style~
Not surprised if any fashion lovers have fallen for this brand >.<

Xiaxue likes Liz Lisa so much, her blog design was inspired by this style and brand ↓↓

I love it!! Spot on!! (^o^)b
She really got the Liz Lisa style~

Cheesie about a year or two ago was obsessed with Liz Lisa!!

Okay, that's about all for the intro~~

Now here's the season's images!! Enjoy (^o^)/


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  1. nice post!favorite this!!^^ i always want to try order liz lisa since they're none of their store in my country ! >,< so it kinda unique plus it has lotsa cute collection! but sadly i never tried online shopping before and have none experience on it T,T

    1. Thank you!! This brand has a webstore ^o^ And I know that there are some blogshops that import some items from this brand~ You can try googling!!

  2. This brand is really cute!!^^ I think I will have to go to Japan just to buy clothes >_<

    1. Yes!! Shopping in Japan is the best \(^o^)/ Do go if you have a chance~

  3. Ohh ,I love Liz Lisa <3
    Haha Thank you sweetie *----* yes,we had a lot of lolita, gyaru and fairy kei here in Brazil too *-*

    hehe yeah brazilian portuguese is very hard that´s why I translate everything in english after *-*

    I can teach you portuguese *-* Like: "Voce é linda!" That means, "You´re beautiful" <3

    kiss kiss

    1. Haha!! Thank you ♥♥ You are very sweet too~

  4. Thanks for the videos, I love them ! And the photos of the 2012 Spring & Summer Collection are awesome =D

    In case you are interested, I'm running a Liz Lisa giveaway on my blog :