Monday, July 30, 2012

Introducing Wakatsuki Chinatsu and WC 2012 Spring Summer Collection

Hello hello (^o^)/
This post is again about another popular band and designer in Japan!!

First let me tell you who is the pretty girl in the image above,
here name is Wakatsuki Chinatsu
and she owns a clothing line and franchise called

Wakatsuki Chinatsu started off as a gravure idol,
then she did a few jobs as an actress before she became one of Japan's
most recognised faces in the fashion industry as a model and designer!!

Her face and her brand is EXTREMELY POPULAR among young girls in Japan!!
And so is the character of her brand called "Kumtan" ↓↓

This mascot has also come an icon in the commercial industry and
it has branched out to more than just fashion.

Although she likes to pose in a silly and childish manner in front of the camera,
her success is really nothing to be laughed at..
And all that in a young age o.O

Wakatsuki Chinatsu's direction and style is truely interesting and unique!!
I love how loud and crazy all her ideas and graphics are o(>~<)o

More pictures of WC's street style

Okay, now here's the 2012 Spring Summer Collection of WC!! Enjoy~

This is what I love about Wakatsuki Chinatsu,
instead of having a typical young and thin model
she hired an old lady to pose of her season collections!!

Its a bit strange I know.. But somehow its still cool!! ^o^

This is by far my favourite WC item!! o(>~<)o
Tomato and banana sweaters!! How cute~~~~~~

WC franchise goods~

Pictures from,
Wakatsuki Chinatsu's Blog

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Introducing Liz Lisa & Liz Lisa 2012 Spring Summer Collection

Today I'm introducing to you a very popular and famous Japanese brand,
Liz Lisa

When I said very popular, I mean VERY VERY EXTREMELY POPULAR!!

I don't think there is a Japanese girl who doesn't know of a brand like Liz Lisa >.<
This brand is well-loved by young locals,
and Liz Lisa is almost like a franchise now!!
This brand has branched out and created many sister brands
like Juge Ettan, Liz Lisa Doll, Tra La La and more!!

Liz Lisa store ↓↓

Below is one of my favourite Liz Lisa fashion shows~

Liz Lisa 2011 Spring Summer at Japan Fashion Week

If you guys know asia's blogsphere well, you probably know who Xiaxue and Cheesie is ^o^

And I am so proud to say that both Xiaxue and Cheesie are HUGE fans of Liz Lisa!!
Ok, maybe for Cheesie not so much anymore..
I know she is after Japanese mode fashion now~ (^w^)b

Liz Lisa is truely unique and loyal to their direction and style,
which is like a sweet, girly and cute french inspired Japanese style~
Not surprised if any fashion lovers have fallen for this brand >.<

Xiaxue likes Liz Lisa so much, her blog design was inspired by this style and brand ↓↓

I love it!! Spot on!! (^o^)b
She really got the Liz Lisa style~

Cheesie about a year or two ago was obsessed with Liz Lisa!!

Okay, that's about all for the intro~~

Now here's the season's images!! Enjoy (^o^)/


Pictured from,,

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Decorative Lash in Singapore

Super delayed post.. Lol

Sometime ago I was invited to an event to be the first few girls to try out Decorative Lash in Singapore!!

I went down straight to the coorperate office who distributes these lashes itself O.O
Pretty nerve racking to visit such a big coorperate knowing that
the company distributes a big percentage of Japanese products in Singapore..

Anyway good news my kawaii friends,
Decorative Lash has come to Singapore! \(^o^)/
Clap clap~

Below is a commercial of Decorative Lash in Japan
and some of the pictures from the promotional photoshoot~

The model's name is Suzuki Emi ^w^
Isn't she pretty?
Till today she is one of my favourite Japanese model~

And here are the pictures of the event!!
I wasn't alone, there were other gyaru girls and bloggers ^o^


Pretty gyaru girls putting on make up and trying the lashes~

Here's the thing..
Although these products might seem to be meant for gyarus only, let me point out that
You don't have to be gyaru to wear false lashes!!

I wear false lashes but I'm not gyaru ^_^
Of course, I don't wear my lashes as thick as those real gyarus out there though =.=
Like Suzuki Emi is not gyaru,
but she is the spokes person for Decorative Lash.
It is a common mistunderstanding that false lashes = gyaru
but REAL gyarus are more then their lashes.
Do ask google if you need some answers on that ^o^

I recommend these Japanese gyaru-based lashes because they usually last longer!!

And for those girls who like just a little boost for their lashes like me
but still wanna keep it natural looking,
I suggest you choose a less thick set of lashes like the ones I chose here ↓↓

Often demi lashes are the best to keep it simple!! (^o^)b

After make-up!!

Me taking a picture with Sochii's camera~

Gosh the gyaru look suits her ridiculously O.O
I must say I don't often see Singaporean girls who can pull off the gyaru look completely..
She's one of them..

Made new friends!!

This is Sara-chan beside Sochii~

めっちゃ可愛い子だった ^w^

After that we wrote short messages on the board,
and we took a group picture!!

And we totally trashed the office when we left.. Lol

These lashes are out in certain watsons stores now!!
I know that the one at vivo city sells them for sure ^o^

That's all, see you~

Pictures from Sochii and