Monday, May 28, 2012

Introducing One Way

Introducing to you another Japanese fashion brand,
One Way

Not gonna say much ^.^
Will let the pictures do the talking~

One Way 2012 Spring Summer Collection

紗羅マリーかわいい~~ ♥

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Make-up Today #2


nutsのモデルさん峯村優衣のカバーメイクをマネしてみました #^.^#

Today's make-up was inspired by the cover look of Japan's Nuts magazine ↓↓

Pretty right?!!

And now I'm going to teach you how to create this look ^o^

To start off, your going to need some double eyelid tapes to create a thicker eyelid.
Place the tape just a little higher than you original eyelid crease ^_^

1) Take a mid/light brown eyeshadow,
and apply all over the line of your new eyelid crease!!

2) After that you take a dark brown shade,
and apply from the outer corners of your eyelids and fade it out towards the inner corners.
For this step, do the same for both the top and the bottom of your eyes.

3) Now here's the fun part~ ^w^
To get the perfect light and glittery blue, you first have to use a shiny white shadow liner or cream eyeshadow
to highlight the area before you apply the blue eyeshadow!!
If you don't apply the white first, the blue will not be as shiny/obvious.
So it's like making sure your canvas is white before painting ^.^

I assume that this picture will help you get a better idea of what to do ↓↓

And don't forget to finish off with a pink lip gloss!!

そして今日のヘアはハーフツインアップにしました ^w^
ネコみたい~~ 笑

And I tried the half twin updo today~
(Don't know what is half twin updo? Click here )

And I highly recommend this magazine!!
It's called "Happy Nuts Magazine"

Don't laugh at the name =.=

Especially those who have a similar style like me,
I think you will enjoy this magazine!! o(>~<)o

And just in case some of you might ask,
I'm wearing Diamond Lash in this make up look here ^w^

Hope you liked this post,
Bye~~!! (^o^)/

Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Photoshoot Coming Soon ♥

皆さんこんばんは ^o^



For quite some time now,
I have been busy working on a new photoshoot ^.^
And yesterday was the day of the shoot!!



Our model Nao-chan ^w^

なびちゃんを通して知り合った友達です ^w^

可愛いでしょ? 笑

Isn't she pretty?
I actually got to know her through Nabihah~

撮影のメイキングビデオを作っています o(>~<)o


I manage to gather an awesome crew for this shoot!!
Because I wanted to do this properly and on a bigger scale this time~

And I'm also making a behind the scenes video too so do look forward to it!!

バイバイ~ (^w^)/

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Trend Report: ヘッドバンドとツインハーフアップ (Headbands and Twin Half Updo) + Mini Photoshoot

今日本で流行ってるヘアトレンドです ^w^

Today's trend report is all about hair styles!!


Although head accessories have been very popular among Japanese girls in the recent years,
I have noticed that headbands are becoming increasing popular in Japanese fashion.

I know tying scarfs on the head have been a very popular hair accessory last year but headbands are looking so chic this year!!




Up next is a hair style called
Twin Half Updo

I know what you're thinking,
Allow me to explain ^.^
There was a time in Japan where Japanese girls were obsessed with a hair style like this ↓↓

And they called it "Half Updo"
Which is basically like an updo with the top half of your hair~

And so this "Twin Half Updo"
is simply just having 2 of these mini updos ^o^
Make sense? Haha..

Pretty isn't it?!!

So here it goes.. #^.^#

I did a few hair styles to show you how to play with headbands but still easy to do!!

Yukie X Emoda (Japanese Brand)

Yukie x New Look

Yukie x L.Chance (Japanese Brand)

Yukie x L.Chance (Japanese Brand)

I wore this leopard printed headband when I was in Japan too ^o^

Me and my cousin in Japan taking neoprints~



Pictures from Blenda, Happie Nuts Magazine, Jelly,
Seventeen Japan,

Monday, May 7, 2012

MURUA 2012 Spring Summer Collection

As promised,
here are ALL the pictures I've got for this year's Murua Spring Summer Collection!!

I'm just going to let the pictures do the talking~
And be warned that this posts is gonna have TONS OF PICTURES!!

Enjoy!! \(^o^)/

Don't know Murua?

Pictures Momoko Ogihara's Blog,