Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trend Report: デニムとシャーベットカラー (Denim & Sherbet Colours)


今年の春夏のトレンドレポートを報告したいと思います ^_^

It's been a while since I last blogged ^.^
Apologies, I was in Japan for a while~
Anyway, here comes another trend report!! \(^o^)/

And this year,
seems to be very hot in Japan now!!

I'm sure everyone owns a pair of demin jeans or shorts
but there are so many ways to play around with denim!!

And this spring summer,
Japan has caught a fever for denim wear o(>~<)o
A lot of magazines have shown an obsession for denim fashion!!

Here are more pictures of denim fashion!!

I love the mix of texture for this look ↓↓

Nylon Japan made denim fashion their cover story!!

And my favourite brand Emoda has taken an obsession for this trend too ^o^

Ena Matsumoto and her brand has clearly taken a liking for denim wear (^o^)b
(Don't know who is Ena Matsumoto & Emoda? Click here )

Japanese fashion blogger and brand producer Yoshida Reika is a big fan or denim too~ ↓↓

Isn't she pretty?  #^.^#

She likes denim so much, she made the season concept for her clothing brand dedicated to denim wear~
Below are the pictures from her brand's fashion show o(>~<)o


The next trend I'm going to share with you is
Sherbet Colours

 Wearing sherbet colour items is very very popular in Japan now ^_^
I know that in this year's Spring Summer of Tokyo Girls Collection, these colours where frequently spotted on the runway~ 

Dazzlin has quite alot of clothes that are sherbet colours this season ^w^

Sherbet colours are pretty close to pastel colours,
but I do think that sherbet colours are a little more vivid than pastel colours ^o^ 
Japanese brand "One Way"
has dedicated their season concept to sherbet colours as well~

That's all!!
Hope you liked it and do leave a comment ^o^

Pictures from Seventeen Japan, Happy Nuts Magazine,
Blenda, S.Cawaii, Jelly, Ena Matsumoto's Blog,
Yoshida Reika's Blog


  1. i <3 denim

  2. mikan-chanApril 28, 2012

    I love your blog! So informative~ ^-^

  3. I love the colors in this outfit-- I think the pants would look really nice with a more fitted top, and the top would look great with something with less volume on the bottom! Www.Denimio.Com