Friday, April 27, 2012

Introducing Rie Matsuoka & Ank Rouge

Hey guys!!
Today I'll be introducing to you another Japanese fashion icon and brand \(^o^)/
And this post is going to be GIRLY~~~~


The super kawaii girl in the picture up there is Rie Matsuoka ↑↑

And she is the director of her own brand called
Ank Rouge

Here's a video of Ank Rouge's first store opening~
Its all in Japanese so I'm sorry for those who don't understand >.<

Before becoming a designer,
Rie Matsuoka was first a dokusha model of popular Japanese gyaru magazine, Popteen.

And for those who don't know,
dokusha model (also known as doku mo in short) is "reader model" when directly translated.
What it means is a model from among the readers of the magazine ^_^ 

Rie Matsuoka has featured in Popteen many times as well as other gyaru magazines
and has become a popular face and fashion icon in Japan!!

Here are more pictures of Rie Matsuoka for you~

As you can see, Rie Matsuoka has a very sweet and girly style ^w^
And according to her, her brand concept of Ank Rouge is
"Nostalgic Sweet"
Here's this year's season pictures of Ank Rouge!!

Pretty right? o(>~<)o
I love the setting of the pictures!!

That's all my friends ^.^
Hope you liked it~

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  1. oh god i love okarie! her style is so cute and inspiring!

  2. oh my oh my!i am always her huge fans! i love everything bout her and her brands too!