Sunday, March 25, 2012

Make-up Today #1

今日のメイク ~ ♪

Today's make-up was inspired none other than my idol Ena Matsumoto ♥♥


I fell for her make-up in this picture that she posted on her blog o(>~<)o
Of course it looks much better on her face though.. ^_^''

この人が松本恵那さんです ^w^

So I'm going to give you guys a brief explaination of how I did this look ^o^

1) Apply light brown eye shadow on the area around your eyelid crease.

2) Starting from the inner corner of your eyes, apply a dark brown eye shadow on the line where your eyelid crease is and make sure to fade it out half way.
1 & 2 is to make your eyelid crease more obvious and deeper ^o^

3) Lastly, used a black liquid eyeliner or a gel liner and line your eyes like a cat eye make up. But for this look do extend the wing a little longer ^_^ And make sure you continue to draw the eyeliner all the way out till it juts out of your tear ducks~

4) After that just apply your mascara or false lashes for those who like to use them like I do ^.^

Applying eyeliner in the perfect shape takes time and practice..
You don't want to know how long I usually take to do my make-up =.=
But that's just me coz I'm a perfectionist.. Haha

And just in case some of you guys ask,
I like to use these eyelashes from Ardell which can be found in Sephora or Watsons in Singapore ^w^
I like them because they are long but they can look quite natural~
And I usually prefer false lashes that are side heavy ^.^

Plus recently I loss some weight so I can afford to wear tube tops now~ Haha!!

最近少し痩せたのでチューブトップ着れるようになりました ^o^

I posted another make-up look of mine in a previous post so if you haven't check it out click here !!

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  1. you are sooooooooo pretty O.o

  2. キレイすぎるー (´・_・`)