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Tokyo Fashion Highlights of 2011

Hi readers (^o^)/

For today's post I'm going to share with you the highlights of the things you need to know about Tokyo Fashion in 2011!!
I will be giving you a summary of runway shows, events, trends and more that is a must-know!! o(>~<)o

今日は2011年東京ファッションのサマリーを皆さんに報告します ^w^

First and most important thing that you must know about the latest Japanese fashion trend is
"The Retro Style"

The retro look has took over Japan by a storm and it is still very much in trend now.
It started around the autumn and winter season last year and many Japanese brands as well as magazines have been influenced by it.


Those who are regular readers here,
you might recall one of my post that introduced you to this trend
But if you didn't see it, its okay~ Haha!!

here to see more information and pictures about this style!!

Now, for the runway shows ^.^

Any girl who loves Japanese fashion, must know what is
"Tokyo Girls Collection"

Tokyo Girls Collection, aka TGC, is Japan's top fashion show were all the popular local brands and models walk the runway~

TGC usually has 2 shows in a year, one Spring Summer collection and the other is an Autumn Winter collection.
It has grown so popular over the years that it has expanded to other regions in Japan such as the Kobe Girls Collection and TGC in Nagona as well as Beijing!!

This is the SS collection.

Here is a video of one of the brands of the SS collection~
(The others can be found in the trail of this video)

And this is the AW collection~

Another popular fashion show in Tokyo is
"Girls Award"
Girls award is something like TGC, but this one is not solely fashion.
Girls Award has quite a number of music artists performing live at their show~

At their 2011 AW show, they had local artist such as Girl Next Door, Becky and Tsubasa Masuwaka as Milky Bunny. They even had 2NE1 and Tae Young from Big Bang all the way from Korea!!
K-Pop in Japan has become so popular >.<

If you want to see all pictures of this fashion show, click here

Girls Awardファッションショーの写真を全部見る:
Girl's Award Stage Report

For those who love Harajuku fashion like those in magazines like Kera, this event is for you!! (^o^)b

This fashion show/event is purely dedicated to Harajuku style fashion!!

Celebrities such as Kyary and popular fashion producers Ami and Aya were there.

And for those who love Japanese Mode Kei fashion like me,
this is your runway show!!

"Touch Me Collection"

This is the runway show that I love and look forward to every season o(>~<)o
Like the others, this show is a collection of different Japanese fashion brands~

The video below is from the SS collection.
And it's one of the brand's walks that thought was fun and interesting ^.^
Its worth watching!!

This one below is from the AW collection~
(Videos of other brands can be found in the trail of this video)

"Fashion's Night Out"
is an event that Vogue founded but for 2011 they decided to have the event in the Harajuku, Japan.


The opening was held in Omotesando Hills, and it continued down the street of Harajuku where all the foreign brands are such as Louis Vuitton, Tod's etc.

Vogue editor Anna Wintour was there, together with other big names such as Jennifer Hudson, Japanese supermodel Ai Tominaga, Anna Tsuchiya, and Michael Kors himself O_O


Many world class bloggers such as Carolina Engman, Rumi Neely, Denni Elias etc were there to be part of this huge event. 

This next one is a local Fashion competition in Japan, called"Osha-P Audition"
where the winner of this competition will get to debut her very own fashion label!!
Now, what on earth is "Osha-P" you say?
"Osha" come from the Japanese word "Oshare",
which means stylish or dressing up.
And "P" is a roman letter that comes from the word "Producer".
So basically in full it is "Oshare Producer"

And I'm proud to say that the winner of this competion in 2011 was Yoshida Reika

2011年JJ x おしゃPオーディションは

Yoshida Reika was originally a popular fashion blogger,
but she finally fufilled her dreams and became the producer of her own clothing brand "Ungrid".
And today it's actually one of my favourite Japanese brands >.<

そしてUngridって言うブランドをデビューしました ^w^

Below are pictures of her first runway show~

Liz Lisa's sister brand was released!!
Juge Etta

Liza Lisaのシスターブランド
Juge Ettaモデビューしたよ~ん

That's the end folks!!
Of course a place as fashionable as Tokyo has tons of other events going on in a year but I can't possibly fit it all in my tiny blog

But it was still a long post yeah? Haha

Anyway thanks for reading~

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  1. juge etta looks so pretty! i hope it comes to sg! (:

    1. Sadly, i doubt they will open a store in singapore :( But there are clothes similar to the style at far east or bugis street!! ^_^

  2. i love carolina engman!!!

  3. Xiaxue likes liz lisa :)

  4. Where can I buy japanese clothes in singapore?

    1. Well it depends what style you are looking for ^_^ Some american/european brands can sell items that are japanese-looking too~ Its how you match the outfit that is important ^o^ But there are a few japanese brands in singapore!! Like rosebullet, dip drops, samantha thavasa, uniqlo etc..