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Trend Report: つけえり & ひざ丈スカート (Collars and Knee Length Skirts) + Mini Photoshoot

ユッキーがまたトレンドレポートをします~ ^w^

Hi hi (^o^)/
I haven't blogged in almost 2 weeks I think.. I apologise >.< You have no idea how busy I am in school.. =.=
Anyway I hope this blog is not dead yet, because I will be sharing with you again yet another fashion trend in Japan!!



One of the trend that is growing in Japan this year, is "tsuke eri" ^_^
In english I would call it a the Collar Accessory. Its like a separate collar than you can just wear on like a necklace.
My favourite brand Emoda, has been selling collar accessories earlier this year already during its SS collection.


Popular gyaru model Kumicky also took on the collar accessory!!


This will also go well with mode style too~ ^o^
Don't know what is mode style? Click here

This trend is so popular now, that even Japanese fashion magazines gives them out with their magazines to prompt readers to buy them!!
And I was so thrilled that Vivi magazine decided to cooperate with one of my favourite mode style brand, Murua, to make a collar accessory!! >.<

私が好きなモード系ブランドMuruaとコラボして ^w^

Here is to show you how I decided to wear it~

What do you think?
Did I wear them well? Haha..
Or did Lena beat me to it?
Well she did get to match the collar with original Murua clothes =.=

でも私がもっているのもかわいいよーー ^w^

Isn't the white laced collar in the picture above pretty?!!
That one belongs to Emoda..
But I have a similar one which I bought from the Harajuku Street Style event in Singapore and its equally pretty~!!
It is also a Japanese brand ^_^ Called 'Mystic".

You can match these lace collars with almost anything!!
Like wearing them with bright colours..

Or matching them with a classic black ^_^

This brand Mystic, is another Japanese brand worth checking out!!
They sell casual clothes.. But still VERY JAPANESE!!
Here is their website ^o^
And guess what? I have actually met the designer of this brand before ^w^ He was a pretty humble guy..

で、じつは私一回Mysticのデザイナーさんと会った事があるんですよーー!!性格良さそうな方でした ^o^

I know Japan has lots of these collar accessories.. But sadly, Singapore does not TT__TT
But you can always make one yourself!!
That's what I did in the picture below~
It was my first collar accessory!!


ちょー簡単です #^.^#

You just have to buy lace, then sew a button ^o^
Really easy!!
If not try online shopping ^_^ You might stand a better chance of finding these collar accessories on Japanese/Korean fashion blog shops..

If you recall I was already wearing these pearl collars in my first photoshoot for this blog ^o^
Pretty right?

えりとつけえりをかさねてもかわいいですよ ^o^

Now here's a tip!!
If you do it right, layering collars from your top with a collar accessory can be pretty too!! Try it!!

次は、ひざ丈スカートです ^_^

The knee length skirt is also very popular in Japan now!!

レトロと似合うアイテムです ^o^



That's all for now~
Hope you enjoyed this post ^w^
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